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Multi Media Art

Time Passing:

Time Passing.jpg

For this project, which was done for a visual art class in my minor, I was instructed to visually show time passing. What I decided to do, was to sit on my porch for the span of an hour and keep a record of what color cars drove by ever three minutes. After this was completed, I created a simple illustration of what the road looked like to visually show to my audience how this idea of time was passing.

Didot Typography Poster:

Didot Typography Poster (FInal).jpg

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a typographical poster using only shades of black and white and a specific font. I decided to use Didot, a neoclassical styled font. The Didot font is commonly used for display purposes to act as a headline given its condensed armature. This means that the widths of the font's stems vary. This is something I tried to highlight in my poster, through the usage of interlocking the letters to spell out Didot. 

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